Plug & Play: Quick and easy integration!

Integrate mPAY24 in your online shop in just a few steps. With the mPAY24 interface (API) or with ready-made Plug & Play modules to suit your shop system.


Plug & Play – overview of shop modules

If you are using one of the following shopsystems, you can simplify your mPAY24 integration by using the mPAY24 shop plugins. Request your mPAY24 test access now and simply select the shopsystem you are using in the form, so we can help you to achieve a quick and simple integration.

Integration via the mPAY24 interface

Web Service/SOAP

Here mPAY 24 provides a WSDL file, which an simply be imported into a development environment. This is supported, for example, by Microsoft Visual Studio development environments (ASP .NET, VBScript, C#), Eclipse and NetBeans, and provides direct access to all categories and methods available for calling up the interface. Most programming and scripting languages ​​(C, C ++, Java, PHP, Ruby) provide support for this simple type of connection.

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Request your test access now

The mPAY24 test access gives you the same data as implementation in live operation, allowing you to instantly set up and test your complete mPAY24 system.

Please note that you require access details for your test access, which will be sent to you by email and text message within the next two working days.

In case you are using a shopsystem supported by mPAY24, please select it here from the list, so that we can support your integration with the appropriate shop plugin.